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HCH Ventures Entrepreneurial Mentors Tan Lin and Xu Yong Gave a Wonderful Lecture about Accelerator


From December 12th to 13th as pioneers in the field of China's venture capital and venture acceleration Tan lin and Xu Yong two entrepreneurial mentors of HCH Ventures gave a detailed lecture on the evolution of the accelerator to more than 30 members enterprises of HCH Ventures.


This two-day course shares the successful practical experience of domestic and foreign industries provides detailed guidance on how to create an open innovation model and innovation ecology and analyzes the incubator operation model from multiple dimensions. The private board meeting hold in the evening analyzes the actual operation mode of an incubator including the actual needs problems and pain points.

Tan Lin and Xu Yong introduced many cases of excellent incubators at home and abroad. These four aspects including "The evolution of Accelerator 3.0" "Building an open innovation model and ecology" "Platform-based franchise incubator operation model" " Innovation Camp In a Box Plan" are main theme of this course.