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“Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Theme Day Held in QingDao



On November 29 “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” event with the theme of "Smart Ecology Leading the Future" hosted by Haier Group and undertaken by HCH Ventures was held in Haier World Appliance Museum.


This event will further open the internal innovation resources to small and medium-sized enterprises. The unveiling ceremony of the Smart Internet of Things dual innovation platform was held at the scene and the "Standard for Shared Entrepreneurship Platform for Large Enterprises" was released which heralded another advancement in China's entrepreneurial and innovative ecological environment.


Zhu Jianwu deputy director of the High Technology Department of the National Development and Reform Commission said in his speech: Mass entrepreneurship and innovation not only stimulate the vitality of the economy but also change the ecology of innovation and develop the organizational model of technological innovation. It is necessary to give full play to the leading role of the dual innovation demonstration base promote large enterprises to open up innovative resources application scenarios and supply chain markets to SMEs.


Wan Jianzhong deputy secretary-general of Qingdao Municipal Government said in his speech: Qingdao has a solid foundation for innovation and a strong business atmosphere and is a fertile land for innovation and entrepreneurship. As a business card of our city Haier Group has not only built Qingdao's first national dual-innovation demonstration base but also explored a set of replicable models to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation for large enterprise in our city.


Zhou Yunjie president of Haier Group pointed out in his speech: Innovation and entrepreneurship have become the driving force for economic transformation and an important support for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. Haier Group is fortunate to be one of the first batch of 28 national-level pioneering enterprise demonstration bases. Haier Group has made great effort to explore innovation and entrepreneurship. The first is to create a mechanism to stimulate entrepreneurial passion. The second is to build a platform for entrepreneurship and open large enterprise resources to global makers. The third is to build a new ecology of entrepreneurship and innovation and connect world-class resources.


Liu Changwen the general manager of HCH Ventures said in his speech: HCH Ventures has connected more than 5000 world-class resources including more than 3600 industrial resources more than 100 incubator resources more than 1300 VC resources and more than 100 universities and research institutions. HCH Ventures has formed a tropical rain forest system incubating 2 unicorn companies 2 listed companies 16 gazelle companies 66 A-stage startup companies and more than 200 angel and seed round startup companies. There are more than 300 projects in the acceleration period with a total valuation of more than 110 billion. Entrepreneurs have continuously appeared and emerged on the platform which has enriched the ecological vitality of HCH Ventures foreign exchange.


At the launching ceremony of theme day HCH Ventures released many entrepreneurial achievements since its establishment. In terms of platform capacity building HCH empowers entrepreneurs through large enterprise resources from Space innovation resources and maker services provide five-stop one-stop entrepreneurial services for global makers. In terms of model innovation HCH always explores the shared entrepreneurship model of large enterprises and has formed incubation models such as internal incubation mass entrepreneurship resource co-creation and ecological acceleration.