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HAIKA Reading Session - The Secrets of the Sand Hill Road


Sand Hill Road known as the "Wall Street" of the US emerging market is the most prominent road in Silicon Valley and even the United States gathering the most important venture capital institutions in the United States which have produced the world's top "unicorn". What makes this road different?


On October 18th Haika reading session invited the chief ecological officer of the Xishan Angel Group MA Club founder Tan Lin. Tan Lin shared with the Qingdao entrepreneurs and investors the partnership The Secret of Sand Hill Road by Scott Kupor who is also the founder of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z).


During the session Tan Lin said that as the  environment changes the era of get dividends through information asymmetry is gone. He believes that the A16Z investment strategy revealed by The Secrets of Sand Hill Road is that VC should put more energy into post-investment management building a venture capital with more connections and acting as a connector in the “structural hole”. Resources are empowered to entrepreneurs in a multi-dimensional way.



Xu Yong the founder of AA acclerator CEO and founder of the Angel Growth Camp also gave high praise to this book. He said that compared to the ability to obtain information and financing it is the professional education background the experience of the head enterprises that play more important roles.



This activity gets highly parise from enterprise investors on the spot helping investors and entrepreneurs to raise their awareness. The great creation is derived from the cognitive surplus. In the future HCH Ventures will continue to offer a platform for investments to collide with each other.


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