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The Third Global Entrepreneurial Innovation Ecological Summit


On September 19th the 3rd Global Entrepreneurship Innovation Ecology Summit hosted by HCH Ventures took place in Shanghai. The theme of the summit was“Innovation Leading and IoT Ecology” which attracted many internationally renowned economists and famous domestic investment institutions industry leaders high-growth companies and hundreds of entrepreneurs. They were gathered in Shanghai to discuss how to accelerate and invest in ecology for entrepreneurs around the world.


HCH General Manager  LIiu Changwen

As an open and entrepreneurial platform for global entrepreneurs created by Haier Group HCH Vetures is committed to empowering startups and accelerating the growth of entrepreneurial projects. Atthe same time the global accelerator network is deployed to attract the world's first-class resources and the barrier-free access of entrepreneurs stimulating the future potential of the global innovation market.


Deputy head of Songjiang District Long Wanli

In this summit HCH Ventures first released a large enterprise entrepreneurial model aiming to provide new value-added opportunities for large enterprise entrepreneurial innovation. Many large companies that are on the right track are slowly losing their original innovation vitality on the road.


Cao Yangfeng 

Cao Yangfeng the author of the Fourth Management Revolution proposed in the conference that it is necessary for enterprises to achieve sustainable organic growth. Before the first curvereaches its peak it is necessary to find the "second curve" that leads the company to take off twice and this is especially important for big companies. How to reactivate the vitality of large enterprises and revitalize the new life of the second enterprise the model implemented by HCH Ventures is worth learning.


Bill Fischer

According to Bill Fisher a professor of the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland the market demand in the Internet of Things era is changing rapidly and large companies must keep up with this change and conduct new entrepreneurial innovations. The current ecological model of HCH Ventures is the achievements of Haier’s long-established entrepreneurial innovation.

From the inside under the guidance of the“Rendanheyi” model Haier has transformed from the top-down management control system to the value creation system of small and micro business units and“bigtened” large enterprises. The value of employees has transformed employees into makers and the company has transformed from manufacturing products to a platform for incubating makers. From the outside HCH Ventures exports its entrepreneurial model to the outside world and openly shares the large-scale enterprise resources that Haier relies on attracts external resources andbuilds an open and shared entrepreneurial platform to accelerate the empowerment of social entrepreneurial resources.


Haier Group CFO Zhan Bo 

Entrepreneurial projects from the HCH Ventures platform were roadshows which attracted the attention of more than 60 participating investment institutions and more than 100 resources in various fields. Whether it is from the makers of Youni Accelerating Camp or for more start-ups the support of capital andhardware is only the preparation before the voyage. To ride the wind and break the waves on the sea of entrepreneurship it needs the ability to quickly connect with various resources. 



0ZJH97880ZJH97630ZJH97350ZJH96250ZJH96310ZJH9707    HCH Ventures has broken the limitations of the traditional incubator's geographical and functional functions and has gathered the world's first-class resources through a global layout to provide abroader source of resources for the makers. The global “accelerator” network established by HCH Ventures has not only opened the door to “going out” for domestic entrepreneurs but also opened up fast-track channels for“introduction” of global resources.


 Within the HCH Ventures ecosystem various entrepreneurial projects on the this platform cooperate with Haier's internal platform to share Haier's supply chain sales channels and other resources; externally HCH brings together world-class resources on the platform including incubators resources industrial resources university resources andventure capital. According to statistics the HCH platform has attracted more than 5000 global first-class resources such as venture capital institutions industrial resources ncubator resources and university research resources.


In the tropical rain forest entrepreneurial ecology HCH always stand in the users and resources side and the survival ofthe fittest makes the global entrepreneurial resources self-organized self-driven and self-evolving. Under the platform in addition to ecology HCH is also inspiring more large enterprises to join the “double innovation” wave and to build a new ecological environment for open sharing and entrepreneurship.