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Huadonghui entrepreneurs visit Haier



On August 26th Qingdao Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Qingxian met with a representative of Shenzhen private entrepreneurs led by HCH Ventures and Hua donghui at the Municipal Organs Conference Center. The two sides had a long conservation on relevant cooperation projects.

In fact as early as July this year the central comprehensive reform committee at the ninth meeting has conveyed some information through  "supporting Shenzhen to build a socialist pilot zone with Chinese characteristics" and "building a China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization local economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone in Qingdao".

At the national strategic level a “test filed” of deepening reforms has been laid out in the south and north laying a solid policy foundation for the future development of Qingdao and Shenzhen. As a result the framed pattern of “South Shenzhen and North Qingdao” has come to the forefront and entrepreneurs from both places have also ushered in a new round of historical opportunities for industrial integration.


Wang Qingxian said that the Central Committee is currently implementing the spirit of inspecting Shandong inspecting Qingdao's important speeches and important instructions and focusing on "running a good meeting invigorating a city" building a modern international metropolis and making a "One Belt One Road" international cooperation. The private enterprises in Shenzhen have strong comprehensive strength first-class market awareness and outstanding innovation capabilities.

Qingdao has strong industrial resources and Haier Sifang locomotives and other leading enterprises in manufacturing are gathered here. It is hoped that both sides will give full play to their  advantages and strengthen cooperation in the fields of manufacturing artificial intelligence industrial robots and new energy vehicles to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Qingdao will promote the continuous communication between entrepreneurs in the two places and provide quality services for enterprises to support their  development in QingDao.


Shenzhen entrepreneurs said that this trip to Qingdao's industry-university-research exchanges jointly organized by HCH Ventures and Huadonghui is a deep interaction between the two companies to strengthen the relationship which not only enhances the confidence of Shenzhen entrepreneurs in Qingdao's excellent investment environment. There is also a opportunity to upgrade the future development strategy of Qingdao.


The next step will seize the opportunity to accelerate the investment layout in Qingdao and lay a solid foundation for Qingdao's economic development and win-win cooperation. From project cooperation to win-win platform it is a huge upgrade. HCH Ventures and Huadonghui promoted the cooperation and upgrading between Qingdao and Shenzhen enterprises with practical actions and the interaction will be more frequent. Through the cooperation of HCH Ventures and Hua donghui it will open up the North-South cooperation channel for enterprises and build new opportunities for the development of the two places.