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HCH Ventures held a cross-border summit, Shenzhen


On June 23 HCH Ventures held a cross-border project exchange meeting on the theme of "Digital Innovation Road" at the Hilton Hotel in Futian Shenzhen aiming at promoting exchanges between overseas entrepreneurs and domestic entrepreneurs and establishing cooperation in the fields of resource sharing talent exchange channel laying and management model. Bill Fischer professor of innovation management at the International Management Institute (IMD) Lausanne Switzerland attended the meeting with 90 MBA students. Many projects accelerated on the platform of HCH Ventures have carried out the project roadshow in this activity and also had a full exchange with overseas experts on the spot which has been highly praised by the IMD team and has a warm atmosphere.

During the following three days of visits HCH led the IMD team to Tencent Graffiti Intelligence Pushing Technology and other science and technology start-ups for visits and exchanges. In the process of exchange and learning with world-class Internet and Internet of Things enterprises the participants marveled at China's high-rise construction of technology in the field of science and technology and its commercial value and speed of development. During the exchange the participants talked about that Nanshan District of Shenzhen where HCH Accelerated Enterprise Aggregation impressed them as a highland in the field of science and technology in China. It is worth thinking deeply about taking Chinese science and technology enterprises as the future development destination of individuals.

At present HCH Ventures has deeply distributed local industrial resources in many overseas countries but also enhanced interaction with local entrepreneurs’ community. Mr. Wang HCH partner said that at present Chinese enterprises have more and more strong desire to go out with the strategy of "going all the way across the country". Following the successful harvest of many entrepreneurs in Vietnam and India last year we plan to bring more entrepreneurs to Southeast Asia Europe and other countries for in-depth business research and market expansion. Home enters China and explores cooperation with Chinese entrepreneurs.