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HCH Ventures (HCH) was invited to attend the 2019 SCO “Building Dreams Silk Road” Youth Entrepreneurship International Forum and invites to jointly build an industrial innovation rainforest ecology.


On April 29th the “Building Dreams” Youth Entrepreneurship International Forum was successfully held at the Qingdao International Conference Center. HCH Management Partner & General Manager Changwen Liu Partner & Domestic & Community Director James Wang was invited to attend on behalf of HCH.


On the afternoon of the same day the “SCO National Entrepreneurship Education and Business Incubation Exchange Conference” was held as scheduled. This exchange was hosted by the All-China Youth Federation China International Youth Exchange Center China Youth Daily and Qingdao Youth Federation. Co-organized by the KAB National Promotion Office 78 outstanding representatives from various fields in China and representatives from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Youth Exchange Camp participated in the meeting.

At the meeting Changwen Liu the general manager of HCH was the keynote speaker of the Chinese representative “Creating a Big Enterprise Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship Platform and Building an Innovative Tropical Rainforest Ecology” sharing Haier’s innovative entrepreneurship model and practical experience.

In response to cross-border acceleration  Changwen Liu made a keynote. HCH has established a cross-border incubation alliance with overseas countries to integrate resources to help Chinese makers “go out” and overseas makers “walk in”

During the meeting on April 28 Ron Zhang represented HCH in the youth exchange camp activities. The youths of each country prepared their own special products to share with the youth representatives of various countries. China's booths are extremely hot young representatives from various countries have consulted about the information and business model of HCH. Ron Zhang said that encouraging and helping global youth entrepreneurship is one of the missions of HCH. HCHhas 5000  industrial resources and has already helped many entrepreneurial projects. Accelerating representatives of countries hope to learn the model of HCH to empower their youth entrepreneurs and hope to establish cooperation and exchanges with Haichuang in the future.

The cross-border acceleration business of HCH continues to open overseas channels for innovative companies and bring them to SCO member countries. For example in 2018 HCH partner James Wang led many CEOs of HCH platform quality startup company to go to India to connect with the top local Apollo Group and signed the MOU to create cooperation opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs and top Indian companies. Expand overseas contacts sign overseas orders and realize the overseas export of Chinese corporate brands.