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Innovation Model Leads the World, the New Business Envoy of Australian Embassy in China investigate Haier


  In 03.27.2019 Daniel Boyer the New Business Envoy of the Australian Embassy in China and General Manager of the Australia Trade and Investment Commission for Greater China visited and investigated the Haier group. Daniel Highly praised the innovation thinking of Haier group that represented by HCH Ventures. Ye Huang the Vice President of Haier Home Appliance Industry delegate Haier group and showed the strongly welcome to Daniel.    



  During the meeting process the overseas department of HCH Ventures introduced the business model of HCH Ventures that empowering giant organization resource to small companies and promoting them to accelerate success. They also gave a detailed introduction of HCH Ventures cross-border business acceleration service. Now HCH Venture deeply layout in Australia provide investment opportunities; FA services and acceleration service for local enterprise in Australia. G5 a cooperation organization of HCH Ventures also has businesses which include brand promotion cross-border two-way incubation talent and project links consultation and training etc in local and has been Established close cooperation with Australian government universities and investment institutions.


  Since then the two sides have conducted in-depth discussions on the content of future cooperation. Daniel endorsed the innovative model of HCH Ventures. As the new business envoy of Australia embassy in China Daniel said that his main responsibility is to help large enterprises like Haier to find investment opportunities in Australia. At the same time he introduced relevant institutions such as examining and approving agency of Australia that help Chinese enterprises land smoothly in Australia. Daniel also said that as an open country Australia welcomes Chinese entrepreneurs to Australia for in-depth market research.