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Ibendi block chain forensics is legally recognized


On January 1 2019 the Electronic Commerce Law was promulgated. Four days later Haichuan Foreign Exchange Accelerated the closure of Aidu as Shangqiu's first case of electronic commerce disputes which marked the adoption and approval of the court for evidence collection in the block chain of Aidu Platform Development.

The whole case

The manager of HeNan Shangqiu grocery that Mr. Zhang signed a contract with Ibendi to become members of Ibendi local platform merchants borrowed 50000 barter quotas from the platform according to the contract after consuming the products and services needed by the barter quota replacement they need to provide their own products and services to replace the barter quota to repay the advance loan quota while the merchants need cash repayment for the difference in the amount that cannot be repaid; but Mr. Zhang refused to provide barter products and services after the consumption value of 41322.07 barter quota and refused to repay after many times of urging. The platform submitted to the court through the contract of block chain technology certificate of deposit transaction records and other evidence.

After trial the court held that the defendant Shangqiu grocery and Zhang Mou had joined the "Ibendi" trading platform and the accumulated consumption of barter trading account in the "love local" platform totaled 41322.07 yuan which constituted a breach of contract and was recognized. The court should bear the corresponding civil liability and request the defendant Shangqiu's grocery and Mr. Zhang's lawsuit to repay the arrears to the court for support.

The judgment is now in force.