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Global Partner Program

Industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and executives, and university scholars, among others, are invited to serve as venture partners, jointly help global entrepreneurs, set up a heartwarming entrepreneurship acceleration service platform, and share their rich experience and unique perspectives and insights in diversified forms and mechanisms (entrepreneur community, university and industry alliance, industry forum, etc.), so as to solve problems and boost acceleration for and offer strong support to entrepreneurs! As an industry acceleration platform for global entrepreneurs, HCH recruits elites of all social circles as venture partners and grants the certificate of HCH venture partner to them. Based on the premise of co-creation and win-win cooperation, the partners need to share their diversified wisdom and innovative thinking with entrepreneurs according to their actual business or profession, assist HCH in connecting regional superior resources across countries, and help with the establishment and operation of HCH’s overseas accelerators. There are no compulsory restraints on the responsibilities of partners. HCH will display the images of its partners on its website and official account (not for profit) with the title of “HCH Venture Partner” (or Haier HCH Venture Partner). And the partners are entitled to be invited to major forums, summits and other important meetings of HCH. For those partners who offer key resources and support to entrepreneur acceleration and lead to increase of project valuation or recommend projects to HCH for joint incubation and acceleration that produce effective outcomes, the benefit sharing mechanism can be separately discussed and a supplementary agreement can be signed to determine the rights and obligations.

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