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A shared entrepreneurial platform from a large enterprise

Hai Chuanghui (HCH), an entrepreneurial platform for Haier Group to transform from product manufacturing to maker incubation, accelerates and enables small and medium-sized enterprises in reliance upon Haier Group’s industrial resources and HCH’s open ecosystem resources, to accelerate growth and reduce failure risks of entrepreneurs. One-stop acceleration services, including acceleration through industry resources, investment, financing, entrepreneurship training and makerspace etc., are provided for entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Management Team

Zhan Bo Founding Partner
He is a Chartered Global Management Accountant, with Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from University of International Business and Economics; he joined Haier Group in 2002 after graduation, and has successively served as the CFO for Europe and CFO for Global Sales Platform of Haier Group, and the CFO of Haier Group; he won awards such as “Top 10 CFOs of the Year in China” and “Top 10 Young Leaders in Internet Plus in Shandong Province”; he is the Executive Director of Shandong Young Entrepreneurs Association and a member of the 11th Youth Federation of Qingdao City.
Liang Chunyu Managing Partner
With experience in investment operation and M&A integration from Global 500 firm, international consulting company, and well-known investment institution, he has invested in more than 60 projects as project leader, with the direct investment amount of more than CNY 2 billion; he has provided consulting for dozens of domestic and overseas projects as a financial advisor, involving TMT, retail, mechanical manufacturing, and automobile industries, etc.; he assisted many large enterprises and PEs in conducting domestic and overseas M&As, such as CNOOC’s acquisition of Nexen; he served as a member of the M&A integration team of a Global 500 firm, to participate in the integration of Alcatel and Lucent in Greater China.
Liu Changwen Managing Partner
With Bachelor’s Degree from Beijing Wuzi University and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Southwest Jiaotong University, he joined Haier Group in 2001 after graduation, and has successively served as the Manager of Logistics Information Center of Haier Group, the SCM Director of Process and System Innovation Department of Haier Group, the CIO of Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd., and the General Manager of HCH entrepreneurial platform; he is the Vice Chairman of China Youth Entrepreneurial Incubator Collaboration and Vice President of Qingdao Science & Technology Business Incubator Association.
Li Yuansheng Partner
He is the Director of Operations for Domestic Accelerators; he graduated as a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Ocean University of China in 2005, joined Haier Group in 2007, and has successively served as the Director for National Channels of Computer and Digital Department of Haier, the Head of Haier Strauss Business Department, and the Director of Operations for Domestic Accelerators of HCH; he is very experienced with network development, channel management, team operation, and accelerator operation and maintenance, etc.
Amber Yu Partner
She successively served at a well-known foreign HR consulting company and Haier Strauss before she joined HCH in 2017,she in charge of the overseas accelerator business sector.
James Wang Partner
With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Financial Investment) from University of London, he served as the Director for Overseas New Energy Markets of Haier Group and Senior Manager for Business Model Research, to develop new energy markets of emerging countries, develop and maintain relationships with global VIP customers, and participate in major overseas M&A projects of the Group; before joining Haier Group, he served as the CEO Assistant and Tire E-commerce Project Leader of Rubber Valley Co., Ltd., and served as the CEO Assistant at Ruixun Technology Company.
Wang Wenjiang Partner
He graduated from University of Windsor as a Master of Computer Science; he worked at Global 500 firms such as Lenovo, IBM, and Microsoft; he has very rich practical experience with technological innovation and enterprise strategic planning, etc.; he led the implementation of many digital transformation innovation projects of domestic large enterprises; he served as the Executive Vice President for Health of certain listed enterprise in the country, to take charge of group health strategy development and enterprise acquisition integration; he had in-depth studies on domestic healthcare industry and elderly care fields; he has rich theoretical and practical experience with entrepreneurial incubation and angel investment etc.

Fund Management Team

Ma Xiaowen Investment Director
Chief Financial and Investment Officer of HCH.Chinese Certified Public Accountant, Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Gu Xiaolin Investment Director
Medical Care Investment Director of HCH.PhD in Biology of Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Domestic Accelerators

Li Zhengyan

General Manager of Shanghai Accelerator
Li Zhengyan
General Manager of Shanghai Accelerator
With a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Technology from George Brown College, he served as Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Haier Medical Technology Co., Ltd., to take charge of product development and enterprise strategic planning; he has rich development experience with intelligent hardware and medical devices for home use; he gave a speech on RenDanHeYi management mode of Haier Group at Stanford University.

Liu Xuetao

General Manager of Tianjin Accelerator
Liu Xuetao
General Manager of Tianjin Accelerator
He was a mentor at the Connection of Tsinghua Innovators; with a Bachelor’s Degree from School of Literature and Journalism, Shandong University, he had served at Qingdao Daily Newspaper Group and headquarters of Haier Group for years, and worked at Haier’s Industry Department, Group Cultural Center, and Complete Smart Home Appliance Marketing Department; he is highly experienced with enterprise management thought, industry incubation, and integrated marketing, etc.

Great Events

Dec. 2018
HCH led the official launch of the Standards for Entrepreneurial Platforms Shared by Large Enterprises in Qingdao.
Dec. 2018
HCH set up China-Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance in Tel Aviv.
Dec. 2018
HCH won the 2018 NBI Awards “Industry Influence • Top 10 Innovation Accelerators of the Year”.
Sep. 2018
HCH won CLPA 2017-2018 Top 10 Makerspaces with Most Investment Value, GP50 with Most LP Investment Potential of the Year, and Top 300 Emerging Venture Capitalists (Post-80s) of the Year.
June. 2018
HCH was selected in the list of China Top 50 Incubators.
Feb. 2018
HCH was mentioned in the Annual Report on Capacity Sharing Development of China’s Manufacturing Industry (2018) as a typical representative of mass innovation sharing platform.
Dec. 2017
HCH won the award of “Annual Best Entrepreneurial Incubation Platform” of Asia Capital 2017.
Sep. 2017
HCH held the “1st Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit by Hai Chuang Hui”, which attracted numerous entrepreneurs, investors, entrepreneurial incubation institutions, and large enterprises’ innovation and entrepreneurship units from all over the world, and its industrial ecology model received high attention of the industry.
Aug. 2017
HCH undertook 2017 Smart Family Professional Competition in China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of the Ministry of Science and Technology, to provide industry acceleration for the development of entrepreneurial projects as the only partner in the area of smart family.
Mar. 2017
at the two sessions, President Zhou Yunjie of Haier Group introduced to the Premier the entrepreneurial model and achievements of HCH.
Dec. 2016
HCH cooperated with Licang District, Qingdao to establish a CNY 200 million venture fund for comprehensive health industry and set up innovation and entrepreneurship base therefor.
Nov. 2016
HCH won the title of Demonstration Base for Small and Micro Businesses Innovation and Entrepreneurship awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Oct. 2016
HCH participated in the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, attracted great attention to its entrepreneurial model and achievements, and became the most popular innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base there.
Jul. 2016
HCH was highly praised by the municipal leaders at 2016 China Qingdao Exhibition of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Maker Achievements, and won the Most Popular Award and Most Innovative Award.
Jun. 2016
HCH participated in the national Exhibition of Science and Technology Innovation Achievements in the 12th Five-year Plan Period owing to its outstanding contributions to entrepreneurship and innovation.
HCH, Haier’s entrepreneurial platform, became one of the first national entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases.
Apr. 2016
HCH’s accelerator for Hongdao, HCH Entrepreneurship Plus, was launched as an entrepreneurial platform, to completely open industry resources to global entrepreneurs.
Oct. 2015
In the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week in Oct. 2015, the Board Chairman and CEO Zhang Ruimin of Haier Group detailed Haier’s entrepreneurial model and practice in terms of makers and microenterprises to Premier Li Keqiang, which attracted great attention of the Premier.
May. 2015
Haier Group opened more resources to HCH, and HCH became the entrepreneurial platform of Haier Group.
Mar. 2015
HCH built an entrepreneurship training camp with Peking University.
Dec. 2014
HCH was awarded as a “Qingdao Youth Entrepreneurial Incubation Pilot Base” by Qingdao Municipal Committee of China Communist Youth League.
May. 2014
HCH was officially founded.